Landmann Electronic Engineering

"Keeping things simple" – that's one of the basic principles of our job.
Only a master is able to achieve simplification.

Our clients say: "We need to solve a problem - take care of it."
Here we can start from scratch or just offer a consultation service.

The company Landmann Electronic Engineering was founded in the year 2000. It started with the constructing of WLAN antennas.
Besides our enthusiasm for solving problems creatively, it is because of our understanding of product reliability, that companies with high security requirements are approaching us.

We develop amongst others, electronics for sport and medical devices, for measurement equipment and automation. Some of our already accomplished solutions were for example a heart-lung machine, a cleaning robot for swimming ponds, a programmable cordless screwdriver for high reliable screw joints, in addition to solutions for charging electronics for mobile tools.

We are also inspired by challenges in other areas, because we just have pleasure in electronic engineering.

Which characteristics define our company? That question we have already been asked. Here we have four answers:

  • We are able to look around the corner and consider the next step ahead.
  • We notice problems and faults ahead of time.
  • We love high sophisticated technology.
  • We enjoy the challenges and the continual changes of new technology and enjoy working through them to find a happy outcome for our clients.

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